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  In 2014 Beijing Cheng-cheng weiye has build a modern standard workshop

more than 12000 square meters.The output of ultrasonic transducer can reach

40 million per month.

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2016.9.28 Ultrasonic Equipment Production Project
Write time:2016-09-30 17:29   Writer:admin

                 Sign Contract for Ultrasonic Equipment Production Project 
          into Baiyangdian Science and Technology City of the provincial key projects

2016.9.28 Beijing Shiner Sisters Science and Technology Co., Ltd which is the Subsidiary of Beijing Cheng-cheng Weiye Science and Technology Co., Ltd and Venture Capital Company invest six hundred million together to develop ultrasound equipment production project. The mayor Mr. Jiang dong  of Baoding City of Hebei Province signs contract with us. On June 2017, this project will break ground. 

Ultrasonic cleaning technology using in millions of households


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