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  In 2014 Beijing Cheng-cheng weiye has build a modern standard workshop

more than 12000 square meters.The output of ultrasonic transducer can reach

40 million per month.

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Theme: Running,Meet the best myself
Write time:2015-10-23 09:01   Writer:admin

October 21th 2015  Enterprise Activities:
Theme: Running,Meet the best myself
Make excellence as Cheng-cheng people’s habit
Cheng-cheng people start running, running up, running up, burning fat! burning lazy!
We insist on one hour, one month, two show new myself. More important that the running can enhance everyone’s will power, bearing ability and self-confidence, can develop the persistent and dauntless attitude towards life. 
We are a group of ordinary people, we must be able to achieve extraordinary career.
Come on, run, moving up, running up!
Change from now on!

When full energy, working. When confusion, running. When angry, silence.

Meet the best myself, come on! Cheng-cheng people!
Wishing all of Cheng-cheng people become more attractive person.

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