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Chengcheng Culture

   Our headquarter is located in Beijing, China.

Our manufacturing base is in Baoding, Hebei province

We also has two branches in Shenzhen and Zhangjiagang

and two sales agents in Japan and the USA.

We will provide best service from all over the world

Chengcheng Culture 
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1. Attitude is more important than cleverness.
2. Speed is more important than perfection
3.The result is more important than the cause

Prompt response, immediate action
Prospect of Cheng-cheng Weiye

1.One of the largest suppliers of ultrasonic parts in the world.

2.A continuously developing corporation with a history of hundred years

3.Making the "cheng-cheng weiye" brand a household name in the ultrasonic industry around the world

Reassuring our clients by using the products of "Cheng-cheng Weiye" and benefiting from it.

Address:22A, Dingheng Center Building, No.45, Fengtai NorthRoad, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
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